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What did cruisers even DO in World War II?,  · The second sortie over Pilsen, Czechoslovakia, on Oct. 23, 1944, was the one he recalled as being the worst, with much of the cockpit blown apart and the rest of the aircraft shot up badly. For the next few days, Bonelli said, he felt shaken.How Much Money Nas Daily Makes On Facebook,  · How Much Money Does Nas Daily Make From His Travels? When Nas was starting out, a Russia-owned media company operating out of Nairobi saw one of his early videos and offered to pay him to create content for their Facebook pages.Get a Mac,  · Synopsis The Get a Mac advertisements follow a standard template. They open to a minimalist all-white background, and a man dressed in casual clothes introduces himself as an Apple Macintosh computer ("Hello, I'm a Mac."), while a man in a more formal suit-and-tie combination introduces himself as a Microsoft Windows personal computer ("And I'm a PC.").Gangsters who vanished and were never found,  · Getting a job in the Mafia is always a dangerous prospect. It's generally a job for life; as in, you could totally lose your life because of your job. However, the fates of some gangsters, who vanished and were never found, are less clear. (Hint: They were probably all ...Things to Consider Before Upgrading an Older Desktop PC,  · If your computer can't run a 64-bit operating system, it can't access more than 4GB of onboard RAM, no matter how much RAM you install. Hard Drives/Hybrid Drives/Solid State Drives The second-easiest upgrade for a desktop PC is with the storage drives..

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How Many Jobs Are There in the World?,  · The population of the world is billion, and about 70 percent of people in the world are working. This gives a staggering figure of about 5 billion jobs in the world. This number is expected to rise as younger people enter the labor market.

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